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Our Summer Camp Programs

From the youngest to the oldest, each of our programs are uniquely designed to accommodate and support our various campers needs. We are intentional in offering visual schedules and predictable routines that makes transition from each activity easy. Throughout the day, each program adheres to a schedule and routine to which the campers can easily become accustomed. Our staff takes measures to promote positive behaviors, by consistently helping campers to process, understand, and improve their social engagement, to which many of our campers need assistance. They lend support in all situations, reminding and prompting campers to use positive methods for making friends, getting attention, and avoiding impulses that can lead to conflict. All this aids campers to have a fun, peaceful, and successful camp experience.


Our staff are professionals or mature undergraduate students who have degrees and/or who are working or studying in special education or related fields. Each of them come from a background with various experience working with children who have complex needs. They are carefully and selectively chosen for their ability to work and engage with our population of campers. Prior to the start of the camp season, our staff takes part in a comprehensive training and orientation program, Our staff complete all this to ensure that your child is in skilled, kind, compassionate, and caring hands.

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