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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know!

When was Camp Trusted Parents founded?

Camp Trusted Parents was founded in 2013; to provide a place where children with intellectual and developmental special abilities and their siblings, could have all the wonderful experiences of "Camp" in a growth producing and caring environment. Since its foundation, CTP has expanded to include two additional camps, Camp Explore and Camp in a Box.

What range of special needs do your campers have?

Our campers have a varied range of abilities within mild to moderate classification. We also serve campers who do not have special healthcare needs, mainly siblings of our special needs campers. Our campers are independently self sufficient and have a basic grasp of their daily living skills.

What kind of medical care is provided?

We have an amazing volunteer on-call nurse (LPN), who is available when needed. Our staff is certified in routine or emergency first aid and CPR. As we are part of Queens University of Charlotte summer camp conference, we have access to their emergency and medical personnel, located on campus in case of serious emergencies. Levine Children's Hospital and Atrium Medical Center are located less than one mile away from campus, in case urgent care or more serious conditions need to be promptly attended to. 

How do I know Camp Trusted Parents is the right camp for my child?

In addition to the camper's most recent IEP and current annual health physical, we request that each camper and their family attend our mandatory orientation. This is for the benefit of the campers, as well as the staff, to insure that our camps are the most appropriate program for your child. These meetings are designed to give our staff and therapist the opportunity to observe and evaluate your child(ren) temperament in the camp's environment. Also you may view our "ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES" located on the "Who Are We" page. If your child does not fit within the guidelines and demonstrate any of the behaviors or characteristics listed, then our camp may not be the most appropriate program for your child. If you are unsure, please call our office to speak directly with our camp director. 

Do I have to attend the mandatory orientation?

Yes, it is mandatory for you to attend the orientation so that the staff can observe and assess your child and to make sure our camps are the right fit for them. Only those children who attended our camps before have the option to opt out of attending the orientation, but it is not encouraged. We strongly encourage that all parents and campers attend the orientation and meet the staff and complete and turn in all the required paperwork needed for camp. Due to regulations of OSHA and ACA (American Camp Association) accreditation, you and your child(ren) presence is mandatory to make sure all are made aware of the policies and regulations of our camp. Due to the COVID pandemic, the Parent Orientation was held virtually via Zoom; however, we have resumed hosting this orientation in person. 

How are your programs structured?

Our camps are designed to provide campers with a dynamic program of recreational therapy and traditional camp activities tailored to the ages, abilities, and limitations of each camper. We provide a highly structured environment that keeps our campers both engaged, invigorated, and safe. 

How are campers grouped?

Our campers are grouped by age; however, we also take into consideration the ability of the individual camper. We consider the group dynamics and how a specific camper would fit into a group, to best provide them with the best possible opportunity for personal growth. Structurally, Camps at Trusted Parents is divided into three groups: Junior campers (ages 7-13), Teen campers (ages 14-22), and our Explorers (ages 18-30). Camp Explore is our camp that is geared for individuals transitioning into adulthood and only accepts campers ages 18-30 years old. Camp in a Box, is our virtual camp and it accepts campers ages 7 and up.

What is the camper to staff ratio?

Camp Trusted Parents: Counselor to campers ratio is 3:12

Camp Explore: Counselor to camper ration is 1:10

Camp in a Box: Virtual program

What activities do you have at your camps?

Camp Trusted Parents offers many activities including, but not limited to Music, Physical and/or Occupational therapies, traditional recreational activities, arts and crafts, field trips, computer lab, sports, and much more. Camp Explore offers engaging activities that encourage independent living skills, job training, and activities of appropriate social interaction. Camp in a Box offers a virtual engaging program with a live person, that includes activities of arts and crafts, team building activities, music, dance and so much more. 

My child has a CAP/Respite worker, can they attend camp with my child?

Yes, with the approval of the camp director only (not all campers who have assigned respite/community guide workers will be allowed to attend). Although, respite/community guide workers may attend camp with campers, they are responsible for the cost of their lunch, transportation and admission fees to field trips. We will only cover cost for campers. Also, campers that attend camp with respite workers must be able to adhere to the eligibility guidelines, as campers must be self-sufficient in toileting, be enrolled in school, no aggressive behaviors, and must be able to engage in-group activities. We can be flexible on all other guidelines. However, Camp Explore campers must be fully independent and fall within our eligibility guidelines, as respite/community guide worker are not permitted to attend camp with them. Due to the threat of the highly contagious respiratory viruses impending our community,  we are limiting the acceptance of having respite/community guide workers at our camp. It is important that we do everything to mitigate the spread of any virus threating our program. **Please Note: all respite/community guide workers must be hired through a third party community service providing agency or organization. Although, we welcome visits from parents/caregiver, they are not considered approved respite/community workers.** Again, the approval of having a respite/community guide worker at Camp Trusted Parents must first go through our camp director.  

What is your refund policy?

A full refund of tuition paid will be issued for cancellation of any of our summer programs due to low enrollment, a natural disaster, or a decision made by Queens University beyond our control. REGISTRATION AND WEEKLY ENROLLMENT FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! A refund of PAID TUITION, minus the 20% process fee, will be issued if registrant submits a written request for a refund a minimum of ten (10) days before start of any of our programs. A refund, minus a 30% process fee, will also be approved if registrant submits an authorized physician’s letter advising against participation before the start of the first weekly session of camp. There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS GRANTED after the start of camp. ***REFUNDS ONLY APPLY TO PAID TUITION, NOT REGISTRATION FEES***

Why is there a weekly enrollment fee?

Charging a weekly enrollment fee along with the registration fee is a good way to ensure that campers who sign up will actually come and be committed to attending. Withdrawing from a weekly session right before camp starts, without giving enough notice or time for us to find a replacement, has hurts our bottom line in the past. It also means, that campers who could have attended camp, are not left out because we held a spot for someone who gave it up at the last minute. 

Is Camps at Trusted Parents accredited by the American Camp Association?

Yes, As of summer 2019, Camp Trusted Parents became fully accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). We are proud to announce that we passed a detail review of over 300 standard checks.

If you have additional questions about Camp Trusted Parents, please review our eligibility guidelines on our "Who We Are" page or email:

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