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General Information

  • Registrations do not have to be in consecutive weeks and can be spread throughout the Camp Weeks.

  • Sibling Discount: 2nd sibling will receive 10% off camp fees. Each subsequent sibling will receive 15% off camp fees.

  • Referral Rate: Referring family will receive $50.00 off their tuition balance once referred family registers.

  • ***For Camp Trusted Parents registrants only*** In order to keep the cost of camp low, we are requiring campers to bring lunch from home. You are responsible for providing your child with a nutritional lunch 4 out of the 5 days of camp. However as an option; lunch can be provided at camp for an additional fee of $55/week, this will cover the daily cost of lunch, plus taxes. Lunch will be provided for Camp Explore campers except on field trip days.

Registration & Payment

Due to our limited camp sizes, space(s) cannot be held without payment. All registration fees and tuition payments must be paid in full by the required due dates, as no payments will be accepted afterwards. Due to the recent inflation cost of goods and services across our nation, we are unable to schedule payment arrangements. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED ONCE CAMP BEGINS. Paperwork needed to complete enrollment, must be received by the last date required to pay tuition. Paperwork not received can delay the start date of your child(ren). Please go to “Forms & Information” page on our website for the list of all required documents needed to complete the enrollment process after submitting the online registration form and paying the required fees. 
FEES: There is a $85 registration fee and $50 weekly enrollment fee required to secure your child's enrollment at both CTP and Camp Explore. However; Camp in a Box, requires a $50 registration fee and $25 weekly enrollment fee required to secure your child's enrollment. These fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and  NON-TRANSFERRABLE. For each additional child registered thereafter, the registration fee will be deducted by $10; however, the cost of the weekly enrollment fees will remain the same.  

Camp Trusted Parents Important Dates:

  • Last day to register for camp: Friday June 14, 2024

  • Last day to pay tuition balance: Friday June 21, 2024 (no-exceptions)

  • Mandatory Parent Orientation: Saturday, June TBD, 2024 (In-person) 

Camp Explore Important Dates:

  • Last day to register for camp: Friday June 14, 2024

  • Last day to pay tuition balance: Friday June 21, 2024 (no-exceptions)

  • Mandatory Parent Orientation: Saturday, June TBD, 2024 (In-person)

Camp In a Box Important Dates: "Camp in a Box" currently is not being offered.

  • Last day to register for camp: 

  • Last day to pay tuition balance: 

  • Mandatory Parent Orientation: 

**This year Camp Trusted Parents and Camp Explore's Mandatory Parent Orientation will be held on the same date. **

Cancellation Policy

In the unlikely event camp must be cancelled due to a natural disaster of some sort, or a decision made beyond our control by Queens University of Charlotte, parents will be notified immediately. If by the unlikely chance that happens, tuition paid, minus the registration and weekly enrollment fee, for the remaining weekly sessions will be refunded. If your child becomes ill with COVID-19, the flu, or RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), while attending camp, NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED. A partial refund (if tuition is paid in full) minus a 20% cancellation fee, registration fee, and weekly enrollment fee) will be issued when the registrant submits a written request for a refund a minimum of ten (10) days before the start of the camp. There will be NO FULL REFUNDS GRANTED NOR PARTIAL REFUND GRANTED less than (7 days) before the first session or after the first session of any service week. There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS given once camp has started. (All cancellations requests must be submitted in writing by email to

Health & Safety

  • The Health & Safety of the entire Camps at Trusted Parents Community is of utmost importance to us. We carefully examine every aspect of our programs and take every step to provide a high standard of safety and care while providing campers with every opportunity for success and fun.

  • In the Summer of 2021, we implemented our robust COVID policies and procedures that ensured each Camps at Trusted Parents participant remained happy and healthy throughout the summer. We are extremely proud to say there has been no outbreak of COVI/FLU/or RSV at our camps during the last three summers!

  • Although COVID and FLU vaccines and boosters are highly recommended and encouraged by the CDC, ACA, and state and local government officials, we have decided not to mandate that our staff and campers be vaccinated, due to the complex nature of some of our campers immune system, not all our campers and staff can be vaccinated. As always, our health and safety policies and procedures will include COVID and health screenings, increased cleaning and disinfecting of all our camp’s localities.

  • Our staff are in constant contact with one another via two-way-radio. We also conduct fire and emergency drills, as a matter of security. All staff have easy access to Queens University Campus Police. Lastly, we strictly enforce all staff and camp participates wear identification badges while on camp grounds. This is to ensure that our staff and campers are easily recognized by campus police, staff, and affiliates.

  • Only pre-authorized persons will be permitted to pick up campers. Photo identification of persons we do not recognize will be required; otherwise, the camper will not be released to their custody.

Lunches (Camp Trusted Parents Only):

We do not have a cooking facility to prepare lunches ourselves on site, but Queens University has a dining hall on campus, that can provide lunches for our campers at an additional price of $55 per week. You may choose to send your child’s lunch or register for the paid lunch plan option Monday-Thursday, except on days we are away on off campus field trips.  COMPLIMENTARY LUNCHES ARE PROVIDED BY AREA RESTAURANTS EVERY FRIDAY.


For campers that opt to bring lunch from home, we prefer that no lunch item contains peanuts; however, if you send an item with any type of nut product, please write "LUNCH CONTAINS NUTS" directly on the lunch bag or on a sticker that is placed on the lunch bag. (Campers with nut allergies will not sit near a child eating nut products brought from home.) Although we do not have access to refrigerators, we are able to provide coolers for lunches that absolutely need to remain cool.  We are also able to microwave lunches if needed.


If your child forgets their lunch at home, we will make the attempt to contact parent(s) in hopes of having them bring a lunch to the camp. However, if a parent is unreachable, we will purchase a nutritional lunch from the dining hall at the expense of the parent, as reimbursement will be required.


We provide a mid-morning and afternoon snack every day to our campers. Morning snack may be graham crackers, oatmeal cookies, fruit, cereal bar, mini cereal bag, or other similar choices. Afternoon snack may consist of cookies, fruit, pretzels, chips, cookies, popcorn, etc. One snack option will be offered at each snack time, along with a drink. If your child is on a restrictive diet or has food allergies, we will provide alternate choices.

**Cold waters are provided throughout the day for our campers.**

Field Trips & Special Events:

Two of our popular activities are weekly field trips and special events, both on and off-campus. They range from bringing exotic animals to campus to off campus exploration. Every week there is either a field trip, special guest, or camp-wide event.

Summer Camp App:

As a discretionary part of our summer camp programs, we use the "Camp App" as a resource to share and communicate with parents about all the important details of camp. Our goal is to keep parents in the loop of all the camp activities, by providing a fun and easy way to keep you engaged with our camp! Using the "Camp App" will allow you to do the following:

  • See weekly updates and reminders from us on our Camp Newsfeed

  • View and download Camp Schedules and other supplemental material

  • View detailed information on our Camp Trips and Camp Events

  • View and download all the wonderful pictures we take each week

  • Communicate with us directly by sending us a message

As a new user, you will be prompted to pay a small ONE-TIME account activation fee when you first sign up. Once your account is activated, can connect to any camp that is using the Camp App with as many kids as you need. Although this is an option for parents, we strongly encourage downloading the Camp App as a way to be kept informed. 

Please read our FAQ page for additional information about our camps or email us at

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