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EXPLORERS: Welcome to a exciting summer program designed just for you!!!  We want to provide you with a space where you feel included, encouraged, and respected. Thank you for choosing us to providing you with a great summer! 

PARENTS: Thank you for choosing Camp Explore! We believe in creating an individualized program for our campers based on their interests, abilities, and goals, while also encouraging engaging activities for their enjoyment. As always, we are looking forward to a camp season your child will love and never forget!!! Thank you for allowing them to be a part of the journey.

Please complete this registration form, as it has been created for parents seeking financial assistance, or whose child has been awarded a scholarship. In order for your child's enrollment to be secured at our camp, the non-refundable $80 registration fee is paid in full. 

REMINDER: Please view our "Forms & Information" page to acquire the necessary documents needed to complete the enrollment process. Once you have completed the registration, the password for the Forms page will be emailed to you. ALSO: Mark your calendar for this year's "Mandatory Parent Orientation" scheduled for Saturday, June 24, from 10:00am-12:00pm. This is an in-person meeting!


If you have additional questions about the registration process, please contact us at

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Camp Explore
Registration Form

Please take a moment to fully complete the form.

Participant's Diagnosis (check all that apply)
Do participant use an Assistive Device?
Were you referred to our summer program by another camp parent?
Financial Assistance Needed? (If yes, please be sure to fill out financial assistance application)
Which week(s) will participant attend camp? (check all that apply) Themes are subject to change at the discretion of the camp director.
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